Supporting shy students: A national study of teaching practices

The research was based in the Department of Special Needs Education, Oslo University. Principal Investigators Geir Nyborg, University of Oslo; Liv Heidi Mjelve, University of Oslo; Investigators: Anne Edwards, Oxford University; W. Ray Crozier, Cardiff University; Robert J Coplan, Carleton University: Gunnar Bjørnebekk, University of Oslo, Anne Arnesen, Norwegian Center for Child Behavioral Development, Oslo.

This five-year research project investigated teachers’ use of strategies to promote learning and shy development for shy elementary-school students. Stage 1 of the proj3ect  collected interview and focus group from a sample of teachers who have successful experience of working with shy students. In the second stage, a questionnaire was constructed on the basis of the qualitative data collected in the first stage. The questionnaire was completed by a large sample of elementary-school teachers from across Norway. The findings from both stages appear in the publications listed below.

Publications include:

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